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Companies claiming not to have a Cyber Incident Response Plan
Source : Cybint


Average life cycle of a breach, from identification to containment
Source : IBM


Companies reporting being affected by cyber fatigue
Source : CISCO

The Cyber Defense « Playbook »

Are your resources ready to counter a cyber attack ?

Having a cyber defense plan means that your teams have the appropriate skill set, the necessary tools and the right procedure (Playbook) to follow, to contain and remediate a cyber threat.

A cyber defense plan is the coordination of the various means available to the organization to understand a large-scale cyber attack in order to neutralize it and restore the systems to their initial state.

57% of organizations experience various attacks on a daily basis.
Source : GreatHorn

Be prepared to react in the event of an attack

HumanOne helps its clients develop a cyber defense plan to ensure business continuity, regardless of the cyber threats they face.

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