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Increase in security breaches since 2014
Source : Accenture


Share of financially motivated attacks
Source : Verizon


Share of corporate networks technically penetrable by hackers
Source : Positive Technologies

Defense is only half the equation

It is well known that the best defense strategy is a good attack.

Offensive Cyber aims at identifying the security flaws of your Information System before they are detected and exploited by real Hackers.

A pentest consists of auditing the security of your Information Systems by simulating a real cyber-attack.

Our Ethical Hackers analyze the flaws and vulnerabilities of your Information Systems, measure their ease of exploitation as well as the impact incurred in the case of a real cyber attack..

En 2020, In 2020, a ransomware attack occurred every 11 seconds.

Source : Cybersecurity Ventures

Putting yourself in the shoes of hackers

HumanOne teams proceed as follows :

  • Conduct a thorough analysis of security vulnerabilities :
    • Conduct broad investigation to identify potential exposure targets;
    • Identify and assess vulnerabilities on targets;
  • Prepare and validate attack scenarios :
    • Propose intrusion scenarios and their potential impacts;
    • Obtain validation of the scenarios and test conditions;
  • Gain access :
    • Conduct exploitation and intrusion attempts;
  • Document findings and recommendations.
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