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Violations from within, voluntary or involuntary
Source : Checkpoint


Number of records exposed in 2021
Source : Risk Based Security


Malwares delivered by email
Source : Verizon

In-Depth Defense Strategy (DeP)

A single security product cannot fully protect your Information System against all cyber threats. Instead, it is necessary to implement multiple lines of defense through different technologies and solutions to strengthen the security of your Information System, in addition to mechanisms to prevent, detect and remediate attacks as they occur, allowing your organization to effectively mitigate a wide range of threats. This approach is commonly defined as an In-depth Defense Strategy (DeP).

Using a single password, hackers infiltrated the Colonial Pipeline Company and caused a fuel shortage across the US.
Source : Bloomberg

Combining the right solutions for the right context

The HumanOne team offers the integration of security solutions, including the most essential solutions for securing an information system including:

  • Network security: Firewall, IPS/IDS, Anti-Ddos, NAC, proxy, … ;
  • Endpoint security : Antivirus, Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR), data encryption, MDM, …
  • Application security: WAF, Vulnerability scanning, …
  • Access security: SSO, PAM, IAM, MFA,…
  • Data security: FIM, DLP, DAM,…
  • Cloud security: VPC, Firewall, Anti-Ddos, DLP, WAF,…
  • Exchange security: Anti-spam, SSL/TLS encryption, anti-phishing, email protection, URL filtering,…

Our integration process follows the Design-Build-Run approach (Analysis & Design – Deployment – Operation) and is strongly inspired by the recommendations and best practices of the editors and equipment manufacturers of the proposed solutions. Our rich and extensive network of partners gives us independence from any particular solution or editor, and allows us to offer our customers the solution that is best suited to their context.

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