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IT managers that feel they have difficulty obtaining cyber resources
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Average experience required for a resource to be fully operational
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Average cost of a data breach in 2021
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Outsourcing at the heart of corporate strategy

Nowadays, all companies are looking to outsource non-core activities by relying on specialists who can offer them quality service, operational flexibility, and a service level agreement, thus helping them to focus on their core business.

HumanOne’s managed services consist of providing a set of high value-added cybersecurity services for its clients, which will allow it to centralize the management of security, and provide a center for monitoring, protecting, detecting, and remediating cyberattacks through :

  • The provision of SOC services to the Customer in accordance with its security policy and any applicable regulations and standards;
  • Monitoring and improvement of security devices;
  • Anticipation and detection of attacks and security alerts at the customer’s perimeter;
  • The proposal of solutions adapted to the various scenarios of cyber risks;
  • Management of the incident response process with the client, through :
    • Impact analysis and definition of remediation actions;
    • Follow-up on the implementation of recommendations;
    • Technical assistance for remediation.
  • The realization of controlled and managed vulnerability scans.
  • Setting up a real-time monitoring center to protect the client’s brand image.

In April 2021, a two-year-old vulnerability was discovered that exposed the personal information of over 533 million users.

Source : Auth0

SOC, Brand Protection, AI, Threat Intelligence, Threat Hunting

The main functionalities of the solution used by HumanOne are Brand Protection, Artificial Intelligence, Intelligent Threat and Threat Hunting.

HumanOne will manage the Cyber SOC in close collaboration with the Client. This includes :

  • Providing efficient and autonomous SOC tooling;
  • Providing documentation of tools, processes and procedures for monitoring and responding to incidents;
  • Supervising 24/7;
  • Providing technical assistance to the Customer for remediation and eventual takeover.

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