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Total cost of Cyber security spending in 2019
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Properly protected company files
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Average time to detect and contain a data breach in the financial sector
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Measuring the real level of security maturity

What steps should I take to measure the real maturity level of my organization’s security processes?

HumanOne’s audit approach is based on auditing standards (ISO27001, ISO27002, PCI DSS, CSP Swift, ISO22301, ITIL, TISAX, etc.) as well as the ISO19011 standard for management systems audits.

Using a single password, hackers infiltrated the Colonial Pipeline Company with a ransomware attack, causing a fuel shortage in the US.

Source : Bloomberg

An approach in line with international standards

A continuous improvement approach (PDCA) that allows us to carry out the audit mission effectively: Ask the auditee what they are doing, and check if they are doing it.

We adopt an approach based on reliable evidence assessed from available and verifiable information.

An audit process based on a series of audit procedures: document review, observation, interview, sampling and technical verification.

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