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Share of cybersecurity professionals who find it difficult to recruit.
Source : Statista


Increase in cybersecurity job openings since 2014
Source : Cybersecurity Ventures


2025 forecast of unfilled cybersecurity jobs
Source : Cybersecurity Ventures

Why HumanOne? Our organization already has a CISO!

Often companies or CISOs need to get advice from security experts or to bring in specific skills in security or in a specific area they would like to focus on.

More than half of cybersecurity professionals estimate a minimum of 3 years for a resource to be fully operational.

Source : ISSA

A tailored support

To meet these needs, HumanOne offers its clients several types of services :

  • Coaching of the internal CISO: to guide the rise of a CISO’s skills when taking over a new position or to assist an existing CISO.
  • Outsourcing of the CISO : Serving the function of CISO by providing all our consultants and security experts.
  • CISO support: Whatever the security project the CISO wishes to undertake, our experts will be able to provide the necessary expertise.
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