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Share of security breaches due to a design flaw
Source : Verizon


Number of Ddos attacks expected in 2023
Source : CISCO


Increase in malwares in companies IoTs
Source : Zscaler

Architecture as the cornerstone of the system

Whatever the size of the organization, its network is a complex and extensive mesh, most often with openings to the outside world.

Its security is not limited to the implementation of security devices (Firewalls, Proxies, Active Directory, etc.), but must comply with a series of best practices for secure architecture design.

According to OWASP, for the 1st time, Insecure Design is among the Top 10 sources of vulnerabilities.

Source : OWASP

Adopt a Security by Design approach

An insecure design cannot be corrected by a perfect implementation because, by definition, the necessary security controls were never created to defend against specific attacks.

Our architecture audit mission ensures the security and continuity of the devices in place, through:

  • Collection and analysis of design documents (functional/detailed architecture, network/application architecture, …) ;
  • Identification and analysis of technological choices;
  • Conducting interviews with the concerned actors;
  • The technical verification if necessary;
  • Documentation of deficiencies and recommendations.
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