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Companies that feel they are not sufficiently prepared for advanced cyber attacks
Source : SOPHOS


Companies that have had breaches caused by remote working
Source : Malwarebytes


Increase in cyber insurance from 2021 to 2022
Source : Marsh 

Constantly evolving cyberthreats

In environments where cyber threats are evolving very rapidly, it is necessary to draw up a Cybersecurity Master Plan with a clear vision of the strategic security objectives to be defined, as well as the necessary means (human, technical, procedural and organizational) to achieve them.

The total damage of cybercrime makes its economic impact greater than the GDP of all countries except two: the United States and China.

Source : CyberSecurity Ventures

The need of a Master Plan

The purpose of the Security Master Plan for each Information Systems Security (ISS) project is based on the following actions:

  • Verify that the implemented organization is operational and efficient;
  • Update the security guidelines in light of technological developments;
  • Measure the adequacy between the security measures deployed and the risks incurred;
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the resources allocated in relation to the targeted objectives;
  • Update the security action plan.

All of these actions form, at the end, a clear and exhaustive roadmap adapted to its evolution project. It includes the anomalies, the security vulnerabilities of the Information System, the action plans to be implemented to correct, remedy and secure the current state of the IS according to the evolution of the organization while mastering its security.

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