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Companies with more than 500 accounts with non-expiring passwords
Source : Varonis


Number of Ddos attacks expected in 2023
Source : CISCO


Increase in malicious scripts blocked by Endpoints
Source : Symantec

Increasingly exposed information systems

Today, information systems are at the heart of critical processes in organizations.

The decision to put a new Information System into production must be based on a reliable approval process, relying on the opinion of security experts and allowing users to be informed of the risks that weigh on them, on the information that they handle and on the provided services.

In 2021, a 2-year-old vulnerability that exposed personal information of 533 million users was discovered.

Source : Auth0

A country-specific regulatory challenge

A certification process is highly recommended nowadays, as information systems are increasingly complex and the potential impact of an incident is increasinghly serious.

HumanOne offers its clients a certification process that is aligned with good security practices and complies with the recommendations of authorities (DGSSI, ANSSI, etc.).

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