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Share of attacks including a Phishing component
Source : CSO


Cost of Phishing Attacks per Minute
Source : CSO


Share of organizations experiencing phishing attacks on a daily or weekly basis
Source : GreatHorn

Scams & Social Engineering

The digital world is littered with scams, the most common form of which is Phishing. Hackers continue to develop new variants to achieve their goals.
Phishing is a technique of psychological manipulation, resulting from social engineering using digital tools (emails, sms, fake portal) to get the victim to disclose sensitive information: banking information, password, etc..

During the first month of the COVID-19 Pandemic, Google blocked 18 million phishing emails per day.

Source : Google

Phishing simulation to develop the right reflexes

HumanOne offers you the opportunity to assess your employees’ level of awareness and test their reactions under real-life conditions to the most widespread form of social engineering: phishing attacks. The activities related to a phishing campaign are :

  • Define the target :
    • Preparing the list of employees to be targeted using segmentation criteria such as department (purchasing, sales, business, etc.), level of responsibility or work location;
  • Designing attack scenarios :
    • Identification of attack vectors
    • Preparation of attack scenarios
    • Validation with the project team
  • Analyze results
    • Analysis of detailed statistics.
    • Identification of the entities most at risk;
  • Presentation of the results synthesis.
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