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Share of companies experiencing daily or weekly phishing attacks
Source : GreatHorn


Average compliance cost per employee
Source : CEI


Loss per minute due to a Phishing attack
Source :  CSO

Cybersecurity also applies to top management

How to provide managers with the means to monitor and evaluate their level of safety?

Safety dashboards and indicators provide management with the necessary vision to monitor the safety of their organization.

Annual security spending per employee increased from $2,337 in 2019 to $2,691 in 2020.

Source : Deloitte

A decision-making tool for top management

  • Managers and operational staff can evaluate the effectiveness of their actions.
  • Process managers can evaluate the achievement of their safety objectives linked to the organization’s strategy.
  • Top management gain more confidence in decision making.

HumanOne will not help you define security indicators, but rather build indicators that make sense for your organization.

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