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Companies stating that compliance is the primary driver of investment
Source : CSO


Companies anticipating an increase in regulatory requirements
Source : Thomson Reuters


Total RGPD fines in 2021
Source : CNBC

Regulatory compliance: a growing challenge

Compliance with legal, regulatory, contractual and normative requirements is an indicator of good governance for organizations. It addresses the issue of reputation, trust and constitutes a competitive advantage for organizations.

On average, 17% of all sensitive files are accessible to all employees.
Source : Varonis

Understand a rich and complex regulatory framework

HumanOne assists you in your laws, regulations, norms and information security standards compliance projects :

  • 05-20 law on cybersecurity
  • National Directive on Information Systems Security (DNSSI)
  • ISO27001 standard: Information Security Management System
  • ISO22301 standard: Business Continuity Management System
  • PCI-DSS: Payment Card Industry Security Standard
  • Swift requirements: Customer Security Program (CSP) to combat cyber fraud.
  • TISAX or the automotive industry’s cybersecurity
  • 09-08 law on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data
  • General Data Protection Regulation (RGPD)
  • WLA-SCS Standard: Information and Operations Security and Integrity Requirements for Lottery and Sports Betting Operators and their Suppliers
  • All requirements related to the compliance of Information Systems.
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