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Security breaches caused by human error
Source : Forum Economique Mondial


Files accessible on average to each employee
Source : Varonis


Overcost generated when remote working is the cause of the security breach
Source : IBM

The human being at the center of the security system

  • Are your executives well aware of the risks to their organization?
  • Do your employees know how to repel social engineering attacks?
  • Is data encryption enabled on your organization’s mobile devices?
  • Have your IT administrators learned from adverse events (security incidents)?

In 2020, cybercriminals cloned the voice of a corporate executive to initiate a $35 million wire transfer.

Source : Forbes

Risk-Aware Resources: Your Best Asset

Conduct an ongoing awareness program to :

  • To expose the risks incurred by the organization as well as the security measures in place.
  • Demonstrate bad habits that need to be avoided and promote good behavior.
  • Share lessons learned from previous adverse events.
  • Reinforce the level of security maturity of employees.

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